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Breathwork can help you let go of old patterns that get in the way of change.
If you’re ready to experience life full-on, Soul Breathing can catapult you forward on your life’s path. I can show you how to use your breath to tap into your higher guidance system and access your inner wisdom. When you learn to use your breath as a tool, it can empower you to make
the changes you’ve been seeking.

What is Soul Breathing?

My Passion Comes From Direct Experience...

The moment I experienced breathwork, my life started to shift. Soul Breathing cleared my blocks and self-imposed limitations. It allowed me to connect more fully with my higher self and helped me step into my soul’s purpose. It brought passion back into my life which empowered me to want to share the many gifts of breathwork with the world.

As a Registered Pharmacist, my education and professional work had been rooted in science, but I always knew something was missing. Today, my holistic work (whole-body approach) is front and center because I see the transformation that comes from working with not only the physical, but the emotional, mental, and spiritual levels that breathwork has the ability to access. This allows me to meet people where they are and creates the perfect balance of West meets East. 

Soul Breathing can help you unlock your full potential to become your most true and authentic self, just as it did for me. Change your Breath, Change your Life!

My Mission is to Help You...

Unleash your full potential and create a deeper connection with your true and authentic self through breathwork.

Unleash your full potential and create a deeper connection with your true and authentic self through breathwork.

Are you ready to have more energy and vitality? Are you tired of repeating the same old patterns? Are ready to let go and show up authentically, leaving your old stories behind? Are you ready to find your passion and bring your unique gifts into the world? 

Soul Breathing™ can help!

Change Your Breath,

Change Your Life!

When you open up to the self-healing abilities of breathwork, you can experience: 

  • Better health
  • Reduced anxiety
  • Healed emotional wounds
  • Heightened self-awareness
  • Better relationships
  • Enhanced creativity 
  • Increased Intuition
  • Expanded happiness, and joy


As you learn to harness the power of your breath, you will discover a brand new way of being in the world.

My Approach to Breathwork

is Truly Unique

When I lead a group or work with you one on one, I offer a completely immersive, interactive, and transformational breath experience. I help you breathe properly and guide your breath to find its natural rhythm. I will support you as you achieve major breakthroughs, but also give you the skills and tools needed to continue your breathwork practice on your own.

In addition to my work as a pharmacist, I have also pursued my interest in holistic alternative medicine. Over the past 2 decades, I have studied a plethora of breathing techniques and various forms of energy work and healing. I have received extensive training and hold certifications in both Soul Breathing and Transformational Breath®.  I am also certified in Pranic Healing®, New Paradigm Multi-dimensional Transformation®, and Reiki and have completed coursework in Awakening Your Light Body, Arhatic Yoga, Mastering Alchemy, and have studied Human Design.

I use my intuition and have developed my own style with Soul Breathing, which is the breath modality I’ve found to be most effective. My years of experience and wide array of training have allowed me to hone my skills as a breath facilitator and develop a fast-track approach that can move you forward quickly and help you achieve your personal goals.

I offer a variety of sessions for individuals and groups, workshops, and intensives both online and in person. I have facilitated breath sessions in salt caves/rooms that combine the health benefits of halotherapy with conscious breathwork. I have designed a multi-level Breath Mastery training program that includes a breath session in a warm water therapeutic pool for optimal transformation. 

I combine my personal love of travel and exploring the mystical by offering breath intensives and retreats at sacred sites throughout the United States and abroad. 

As a speaker and workshop leader, I have been brought in to teach at various locations throughout the country and internationally. One of my most rewarding and memorable experiences to date was breathing a group of Burmese students from the Thailand-Myanmar refugee camps as part of a healthcare professional training program in the Mae Sot District of Western Thailand. 

In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my family, doing pilates, traveling, hiking, gardening, and exploring the magic of the unknown. I’m also a Minnesota State Fair junkie, so if you’re looking for me at the end of the summer, you’ll most likely find me at the fair.

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