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In-person and online experiences to introduce and deepen your breathwork practice.

Experience Breathwork...

in a way that best fits your journey & comfort level

There are a variety of ways you can work with me. Whether you’re looking to experience breathwork in a group setting, or need a deeper and more personalized approach, I will meet you where you are and support you on your breath journey, and through the transformational changes that come from it.


Facilitated breath sessions (in person or virtual) of varying lengths and types are offered that include Breath Discovery, Private, Semi-Private, Group, and Water Breath Sessions.

Soul Breathing Personal Growth & Coaching packages allow you to bundle together multiple breath sessions and soul coaching services and save. Packages give you a complete system that can help guide, nurture and support you along your path to achieve your goals.

Breath Discovery (virtual only) Discover the importance and power of your breath with a 45-minute virtual Breath Discovery session. You will learn the Soul Breathing technique and experience a mini-session. You will receive tips and tools to help you breathe more optimally and get you started on your breath journey. 

Private Sessions give you complete personal attention with your breath. You will discover where your breath is blocked and be guided on how to shift it. You will reclaim your breath quickly and get to the root of what’s needed to meet your goals. 

Semi-Private Sessions (2 people) allow you to receive many of the benefits of a private session for less when you share it with a friend.

Group Breath Sessions can be an economical way to get in a few sessions and experience a powerful group energy. Group sessions are offered virtually and in-person as part of an introductory workshop (come 30 minutes after the start time) and at various studio locations and Salt Rooms/Caves throughout the Twin Cities. Group sessions can also be created for any group that wants to get together to breathe together.

Water Breath Sessions are offered in a heated therapeutic pool to amplify and clear suppressed and repressed emotions, including birth trauma and lineage patterns. (At least 3 breath sessions are recommended before scheduling a water breath session).

It is suggested that you commit to 3-6 sessions (of any type) for best results, although you will receive lasting benefits from just one session. Personal Growth and Coaching Packages bundle multiple breath and soul coaching sessions together at a discounted price.

Workshops & Intensives

Whether you are new to Soul Breathing or are an experienced breather, a variety of workshops and Intensives are offered (in person or virtually) that can meet you where you are and empower you to take your next step and move forward.

Introductory Workshops (2-3 hours)  can be an economical first step toward introducing you to the many benefits of conscious breathwork. After a short talk on the importance of breath and the mechanics of proper breathing, you will experience a 45-60 minute facilitated Soul Breathing group session supported by music, body mapping, movement, affirmations, and various sound healing techniques for optimal body-mind-spirit integration. 

In an intro workshop, you will…

  • Understand why your breath is blocked.
  • Learn how to open up constricted, shallow breathing.
  • Experience a facilitated Soul Breathing session using a deep, connected breathing process that is supported by body mapping, movement, affirmations, music, and other sound healing techniques for body-mind-spirit integration.
  • Let go of old patterns that keep you stuck.
  • Feel lighter, more joyful & free.
  • Receive a 5-minute take-home breath practice.

An Introductory Workshop of varying lengths and content can be created to meet the needs of your group and your budget. Contact Terri to learn more, or to schedule.  

A Taste of Soul Breathing (30-90 min) includes a short talk on the importance of breath and the mechanics of proper breathing, followed by a mini Soul Breathing group session while sitting in chairs.  

Soul Breathing Workshops or Intensives (½ day or full day) are offered several times a year, usually around a theme or during a powerful astrological alignment. Multiple breath sessions with activities to take you deeper are included to help raise your vibration permanently, and allow you to receive an expanded level of transformation. Collaborative Soul Breathing workshops with gongs, singing bowls, stones, crystals, and other healing modalities are offered on occasion to create an extra special and magical experience for all participants.


Seminars are multi-day events that take courage and a willingness to not only go deeper with your breath, but with yourself. They include multiple breath sessions each day with activities and processes between sessions to help bring up old patterns and clear them. Master your Breath, Mastery your Life! 

This course is the nuts and bolts of the Soul Breathing modality and is offered as two separate 2-day events in Minnesota. In other cities, it can be offered as a single 4 or 5-day course.

Level 1: I LOVE TO BREATHE, is the ‘base” for the Soul Breathing modality. You will experience 4 breath sessions over the course of the seminar, and be well on the road to breath mastery. There will be activities and processes between breath sessions that allow old patterns to come up and be released. Each breath session builds upon the previous and you will learn how to start facilitating your own Soul Breathing sessions. By the end of the seminar, you will truly be different. You will permanently hold a higher level of vibration and start to live at the level of the soul. You will let go of who you think you are and awaken to who you really are.  ‘I Love to Breathe’ is an amazing adventure and you will have fun! 

Level 2: I BREATHE TO LOVE is the last step in the Breath Mastery program and Includes 4 breath sessions over 2 days, for those that have completed Lv 1. You will learn the body mapping points and the corresponding affirmations. There will be breath sessions to balance and activate the upper chakras, free your self-expression, access higher states of consciousness, and connect to your soul’s purpose. You will experience a powerful breath session in warm water therapeutic pool that amplifies the cellular release of old patterns and clears birth trauma from 7 generations forward and back. The water session will help you let go of core resistance to becoming fully embodied (i.e. a soul in form). This in turn sets the stage for full acceptance, self-love, and empowerment. 

Breath Mastery Seminar includes…

  • Multiple facilitated breath sessions
  • Sound healing and chakra toning
  • Processes to free of old mental and emotional patterns
  • Self-Session breathing skills
  • Body Mapping
  • Water Breath Session (Lv 2)
  • And much more!

Conscious Breathwork for the Holistic Practitioner (12-16 hours) This specialized seminar consists of three or four ½ day classes (held weekly, biweekly or monthly) to help the holistic practitioner bring the basic principles and benefits of breathwork into their practice. There are many facets to this class that will ultimately help clients breathe better and become more open to receive the benefit of what you offer. This class will take your work to the next level. This seminar is offered by request. Contact Terri for more information or to schedule this life changing seminar for your group or business.


Soul Breathing retreats are offered once or twice a year, in various locations around the globe, often at a planetary vortex or sacred site. 

Multiple breath sessions and daily activities create a powerful group energy that allows each person to shift exponentially while assisting the earth. Retreats applications are open to anyone willing to take a quantum leap with Terri and have fun. Space is limited based on location and logistics and allows for an intimate experience for all. One Soul Breathing session is prerequisite.

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